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Hila Plitmann

Grammy Award-Winning Soprano

Hila Plitmann is a composer's dream. Throughout her enormous range, her singing is precise, expressive and lit with intelligence.

Larry Fuchsberg


February 14, 2015

Five more days to go

…until my recital with Hagai Yodan at his pristine and elegant studio in Tel Aviv! I so love these intimate kinds of concerts – there’s an immediate and tangible connection with the audience that I truly relish.

We’ll be doing the Israeli premiere of one of my favorite pieces, by Los Angeles based composer Sharon Farber, who is also a dear friend.

Check out Omer Shomrony’s interview in Globes magazine (in Hebrew) and the YouTube promo from Hagai’s studio.


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  1. Sally Goodwin on February 17, 2015 at 10:56 pm Reply

    This sounds like a wonderful event, I have a taste of it from the promo video and Sharon Farber’s site. Wishing I had teleportation. You move and sing with such embodiment of sound, it’s very empowering to watch and listen too.


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