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Hila Plitmann

Grammy Award-Winning Soprano

Hila Plitmann is a composer's dream. Throughout her enormous range, her singing is precise, expressive and lit with intelligence.

Larry Fuchsberg


January 31, 2013

defying gravity

Ping pong. Last week I was working on Barbara Streisand songs for the Hamburg Symphony concert and this week I’m back to practicing Thomas Ades (Life Story) and Oliver Knussen (Hums and songs of Winnie-the-Pooh). Each style brings me a distinct kind of joy and gratification and I am, once again, amazed and surprised at how similarly the approach is for me in working on these two seemingly disparate genres.

I began much of my vocal education with traditional opera. I find it magnificent and majestic and rich. I also don’t think it connects to my personal natural tendency and facility. Jupiter is a noble, fascinating planet, but I don’t think I would fare too well there. Probably feel a bit squashed…

I feel that much of musical theatre and contemporary music call for me to work on a sense of vocal and dramatic flexibility and to greatly focus on what it is that I’m trying to communicate – without which the music might not make much sense. I’m still not certain which planet will take me, but when that passenger shuttle finally takes off to Mars I hope they save me a seat.

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